10th Grade English

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Jordan Valley High School
10th English 2007-2008
3rd Hour, 10:00a.m.-10:56a.m.
Mrs. Echave
Course Description
            The focus of the 10th grade English is to improve your writing and reading. Students will expand their writing and conquer any confusion in the area of grammar. Increasing vocabulary will be a weekly goal. Reading will be a major aspect of this class as well. Various genres will be inspected but the focus will remain on American literature. If you don’t enjoy reading at this point in your life, hopefully by the end of the school year you will have found some books that are of interest to you. One of the best ways to educate yourself is to read, so we will read a lot!
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
ü      Use the elements of good writing
ü      Understand writing as a process
ü      Connect literature to life and the “real” world
ü      Evaluate grade level or higher literature thoughtfully
ü      Recognize and demonstrate an understanding of revision
ü      Respond to others’ work orally and in writing
ü      Expand vocabulary through reading, root word work, and context clues
ü      Use proper grammar and mechanics in writing and speaking
ü      Write to a variety of audiences and purposes
ü      Critique literature independently
ü      Gain a broad understanding of American literature
v     One three-ring binder, Lined Paper, Pens
           Grades are assigned based on tests, projects and writing, reading requirements, quizzes, homework and class work, and class involvement. Assignments are graded based on difficulty level as well as expected time involved. For example a five question quiz may be worth 20 points, whereas an extensive research report may be worth 200 points. This is important to remember! You can use this grading system to your advantage, or it can severely hurt you when report cards come out.
            All work must be turned in on the due date! However, for those emergency instances when work is turned in late your grade will suffer. Work turned in one day late will have 50% taken off of the final grade. Work turned in two days late will have 75% taken off of the final grade. Three or more days late on work equals an automatic 0%. There will be some assignments that late work will not be accepted at all and you will be notified of it at the time the assignment is given out.  

Class Percentage Earned
Grade Given on Report Card
A+, A, A-
B+, B, B-
C+, C, C-
D+, D, D-
F, results in failing the class L

Behavioral Expectations
          RESPECT-The golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. Your rights end where someone else’s rights begin. Simply put, I expect my students to respect themselves, others, myself and other staff members, and the classroom as a learning environment. The great thing about respect is the more you give, the more you earn! J
            Be responsible for your own learning. This is your chance to gain as much information as possible, take advantage of it. You truly will use it later.
            No food or drink in class.
            No headphones in class.
            No hats in class.
Conferences and Teacher Contact Information
          I encourage you to meet with me outside of class when you need help. There may also be instances when I insist on conference time. I will be available during my prep hour, which is 2nd period, after school, or before school when an appointment is made.