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Jordan Valley High School
Journalism 2007-2008
Mrs. Echave
Course Description
            Journalism will get you writing quickly and confidently. It is a comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of news writing. The course emphasizes reportorial writing, gathering of information and interview techniques. This class is fast paced! However, one of the wonderful aspects of the class is that you will meet people, hear stories, and share experiences you otherwise wouldn’t. Journalism is creative, cutting edge, and fun! Storytelling is important to a democracy and to our entire culture. You will experience all of the above through writing for the school newspaper, the Owhyee Avalanche, updating the school website, and creating the yearbook.
Course Topics
            The course will cover all of the aspects of journalism while students sharpen their writing and reporting skills by reporting for the Owyhee Avalanche and school newspaper, as well as creating the yearbook, and updating the school website. Throughout the course you will master Pagemaker and InDesign.
          Heavy emphasis will be placed on writing assignments and creativity. Deadlines are of paramount importance, just as they are in any newsroom! Late work will not be accepted except on rare occasions. Most assignments must be typed. To aid you in this last request, you will be given classroom time to fulfill most assignment requirements.    

Class Percentage Earned
Grade Given on Report Card
A+, A, A-
B+, B, B-
C+, C, C-
D+, D, D-
F, results in failing the class L

Behavioral Expectations
          RESPECT-The golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. Your rights end where someone else’s rights begin. Simply put, I expect my students to respect themselves, others, myself and other staff members, and the classroom as a learning environment. The great thing about respect is the more you give, the more you earn! J
          No food or drink in class.
            No headphones in class.
Conferences and Teacher Contact Information
          I encourage you to meet with me outside of class when you need help. There may also be instances when I insist on conference time. I will be available during my prep hour, which is 2nd period, or after school.