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ODE Guidance for Grades 9-11 04-16-20

New ODE guidance pertaining to grading has come out for 9-11th graders. Students will be required to complete the school year, but will not be receiving letter grades. They will earn a Pass or Incomplete. A pass ranges from a letter grade of A-D and an Incomplete references an F. If an Incomplete is earned the student will be required to repeat the class again next year in order to obtain that credit. Credits are still being earned for the classwork, just not a letter grade. The guidance is posted below, and if interested in the entire document please reference the ODE website.


  5C. Grading and Credit for Students in Grades 9, 10, & 11 Our guidance maintains Oregon’s high standard of 24 credits for every high school student while providing a clear path to graduation and reducing barriers that may result from extended school closure. As a means to promote learning and award credit, all districts in Oregon shall move from letter grades to Pass/Incomplete (or local equivalent) for students enrolled in high school courses for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. We must consider the severe impact of the pandemic on students and families across the state and take steps that prioritize ongoing learning while safeguarding against unintended consequences as students pursue postsecondary opportunities. Subject Area 2020 Regular Diploma Requirement 2020 Modified Diploma Requirement* 2020 Extended Diploma Requirement English Language Arts 4.0 credits 3.0 credits 2.0 credits Mathematics 3.0 credits 2.0 credits 2.0 credits Science 3.0 credits 2.0 credits 2.0 credits Social Sciences 3.0 credits 2.0 credits 3.0 credits Second Language/ The Arts/CTE 3.0 credits 1.0 credits 1.0 credits Health 1.0 credits 1.0 credits 1.0 credits Physical Education 1.0 credits 1.0 credits 1.0 credits Electives 6.0 credits 12.0 credits 0 credits Essential Skills and Personalized Learning Requirements Suspended Suspended Not Required Total 24.0 credits 24.0 credits 12.0 credits 58 Oregon Department of Education Spring 2020 Universities across the country, including our Oregon public universities, have made it clear that students will not be penalized for missing traditional standardized tests or for posting Pass/Incomplete transcripts for the spring 2020 semester/trimester(s). One of the clearest explanations of the assurances our students should expect comes from Harvard University that states plainly that students “will not be disadvantaged as a result . . . [of] the current coronavirus outbreak”. We share in the responsibility to create a web of support for our high school students, while setting them on a clear path toward graduation. For the final spring 2020 term(s), any student enrolled in high school courses shall be provided with opportunities to continue their learning and earn credit in accordance with the Distance Learning for All guidance. This grading guidance applies to all students, except seniors, who are currently enrolled in high school courses (including students in middle school or junior high school taking high school courses). 

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Statement on School Closure in Oregon 4/9/2020

Dear Superintendents and Principals,

Thank you for your continuing efforts to maintain care, connection, and some continuity of learning for our students. You are leading in a time that none of us have experienced. Students, families, staff and community are looking to you for answers and leadership. I hear stories from across the state about your efforts to deliver meals and provide support in a myriad of ways. I’m proud to serve with you at this historic time.

Governor Kate Brown’s announcement today closing in-person classes for the rest of the school year is not what any of us hoped for; however, it is a step that gives us certainty. As Governor Brown said, “the best thing we can do for the health of our children, and for the thousands of educators across the state, is to give everyone certainty by announcing the decision today to close in-person classes for the remainder of the school year.”

I know you have been busy preparing to make the best of this challenging situation. These incredible circumstances don’t change our mission, just our approach. Through Distance Learning for All we will continue to:

  • First connect with our students and families;
  • Then understand their physical needs for food, shelter, clothing;
  • Then strive to support their social-emotional and mental health needs; and
  • Then do what we got into this work for and what our children need in these times - light young minds in Oregon and prepare them for a bright future.

The effort carries significant challenges and through them we will center on equity. Nothing can replace the in-person schooling experience, and we should not expect that remote learning can replicate the traditional school day. As Oregon educators we hold ourselves to high standards and in this circumstance we need to level set. We should extend ourselves and try harder than ever to connect with our students and families, but we need to give ourselves grace and understand that our delivery and support will look different. Our school house doors were open to every single student in our state, and as we implement Distance Learning for All I strongly believe we must strive to ensure our education services are accessible to every student in our state. And, I understand this will be more difficult than ever before.

We must do all we can to meet the needs and strengths of students of color, American Indian students, students with disabilities, emerging bilingual students, talented and gifted students, and students navigating poverty and houselessness.

Thank you for your partnership in these times. Please continue reaching out to me and my team.


Colt Gill

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